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 Departamentos Amueblados en el edificio Tempo

Los departamentos estan completamente amueblados, muy bien ubicados en el Upper West Side en Nueva York. Son perfectos para estadias de corto plazo de 3 dias o mas. Tienen un kitchenette con todo lo necesario para cocinar, cafetera, microondas y tostadora; incluyen una mesa con dos sillas para comer comodamente y un sofa cama para una persona adicional. Los departamentos tienen una cama doble, TV con cable, llamadas locales gratis y bano privado. El edificio tiene portero las 24hrs, lavanderia en el subsuelo y un pequeno gimnacio con acceso gratis.

Maximo 3 personas

Precio regular $212 por noche – TODO INCLUIDO

Si vienes del 5 de Enero al 28 de Febrero tenemos una oferta de $149 la noche.
Pero se pone todavia mejor!… Subcribete a nuestra lista de ofertas de ultima hora para saber las fechas que puedes quedarte a solo $100 la noche!

Estan ubicados en el Upper West sobre la calle 73 y Broadway. El subte esta en la esquina, el supermercado a una cuadra, el Central Park a dos y a poca distancia esta el Museo de Ciencias Naturales y el Lincoln Center.

Presiona aqui para ver un video del departmento. No conoces el Upper West? Presiona aqui para ver un video del area.

Para saber la disponibilidad de los departamentos, escribale un correo electronico a Rita Ramos a

Quienes somos?

Lara Group es una immobiliaria que se especializa en el alquiler de departamentos amueblados en Nueva York por mas de 9 anos. Nuestro sitio:


The Best Time to Move to New York Apts.

Locating and moving into New York Apts can be an exciting, yet time consuming task with a lot of decisions thrown together during one crucial time frame. The research alone into the styles, pricing plans, and amenities being offered can become overwhelming. In order to relieve some pressure, let’s take a look at when the best time to move is. Some feel that the most convenient time to move has a “once per year window” and if that window is missed you will have to wait another year to try again. This is simply not true. In fact, there are two times of the year optimal to move.

Moving to Your New York Apt in the Summer

The first option for an optimal move-in date is the summer. During the months of June through early August many apartments become available due to college semester cycles. Students who were renting New York apts during the previous academic year are now moving out and moving on. Within just a few days of this moving-out cycle, many apartment complexes begin their summer move-in specials.

Move-in specials often include free first month’s rent, free deposit, and may even include perks from local businesses specifically designed for you. Other incentives may include free gym memberships and even free dining cards to help you become acclimated to your new neighborhood.

Moving to Your New York Apt during the New Year

Surprisingly, another great time for moving into New York apts is late December through late January. This time of year is good for several reasons. The first reason is the fact that not many people consider this to be an optimal move time. The busyness of the holidays and New Year celebrations generally get in the way of thoughts concerning moving.

The second reason is the fact that it is the end of graduate school semesters and many graduate students will be moving on to internships and positions that are located out of the area.

The third reason that the late December move is a great choice is because of holiday specials offered during that time. Moving trucks, supplies, and furniture companies will be offering special holiday sales due to the severe lull in business. Taking advantage of these specials can save thousands of dollars on your furniture and necessities for the move.

The last reason that the late December move should be considered as optimal for New York apts is the financial advantage. If a tax return is expected to come your way, you can use it as a “move to New York fund.” The payment of the rent, furniture, and moving can be completed with tax refund money rather than dipping into your savings.

To take full advantage of any move-in special, it is always best to carefully plan ahead. By educating yourself on area specials and time frames, you will receive the optimal in move-in discounts, as well as a nice financial relief for your wallet.

Your Number One “Must Have” for the Ultimate New York Rental

Residents who plan on moving into a New York rental have a variety of different reasons for their move. Your reasoning may be to relocate out of an older building and upgrade your living situation, you may want a larger floor plan, or you may need a building that is closer to the office. Reasons for the move may vary, however, one thing that does not, is your number one “must have” for the ultimate New York rental. What are your “must haves?” Regardless of whether you actually write it down or not, everyone has a mental list of certain things they will not deviate from when looking for the ideal New York rental. As you take a look at these three potential “must haves,” be thinking about your own list.

Pricing and Amenities

Let’s face it. As much as many of us would want to say that we have other must haves on our list, price is often a major factor. If the price is not right, nothing else really matters. So, what is the right price for the ultimate New York rental? That figure is subjective to several factors and does take a certain degree of thought. You’ll probably need to write out a pros and cons list and prioritize by amenities. If staying in shape tops your list, consider the benefit of a New York rental that includes work out and spa facilities on sight. What about a washer and dryer right in your unit? This may not be critical for the single businessman who takes his clothes to the dry cleaner, but in a family situation, the convenience of a washer and dryer can often top the list.

If you work from home and can get in a workout, wash your clothes, eat, relax with a cup of coffee, and never have to leave the building then you just may have found your ultimate rental.

With the amenities in mind, you can look at pricing with more clarity. Sometimes an apartment that seems more pricey will save you quite a lot in the long run, just because of the convenience factor.

The Location

Location is a major factor when choosing any apartment. If you are planning on updating your living situation, you may be longing for a certain area, neighborhood, or block. This is especially true for those moving on to their second or third apartment. During your stay in your first New York City rental, you developed a feel for the city, found your favorite coffee shops, and most likely romanticized about the “perfect neighborhood” to live.

An apartment complex that is located near subways, food markets, entertainment, work, and schools can be heaven, and the ultimate rental for many potential residents. If the trek to work, school, or the market takes over an hour just to arrive, it does take some of the wind from your sails.

Natural Lighting

Natural lighting tops more “must have” lists than you would think. Many individuals don’t consider the need for natural lighting until it’s too late. Life in New York does include the four seasons, and a few of the months are known for a bit of dreary weather. If you are prone to cabin fever or work from home, a good amount of natural lighting can be your saving grace. When viewing potential apartments, think windows and skylights.

Whatever tops your “must have” list, write it down and make your apartment viewing appointments accordingly. Knowing exactly what you want will streamline your efforts and keep you from “settling.”

Living in the Big Apple… Apartments in New York, New York

If you are looking for apartments in New York, New York , then chances are you have a soul for adventure and excitement. There is nothing, absolutely nothing that beats New York living. Visiting the Big Apple is wonderful, but it’s just not the same as actually calling it home. Even living just barely outside the city doesn’t provide the same experience as living in the heart of the town.

 Things to Do in New York, New York

New York is always “on.” Whatever lifestyle you want to lead, you can do it here. Everything is super convenient and you can usually find a wide variety of restaurants and attractions within walking distance from most of the apartments in New York, New York. One of the first things you might like to do when you establish yourself as a New York resident is sign up for a tour. Many people live here all their lives and still don’t experience everything the city has to offer. By taking a tour of the city, you’ll get an “at a glance” idea of some things that you might want to explore further on your own time.

 Museums are in abundance in the Big Apple and are scattered throughout the city. There is the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Ellis Island museum, Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum, and the Madame Tussauds Wax Museum just to name a small handful. The opportunities for culture are wide and vast. If you are particularly interested in history, you may wish to visit any or all of the 43 historic sites in New York. Of course, the most notable is probably the Statue of Liberty, but there is also the World Trade Center site, the General Grant National Memorial, Belvedere Castle, and the Mount Vernon Hotel Museum & Garden.

If you are looking for a little bit of fun, try visiting one of the 8 amusement parks in the city. Deno’s Wonder Wheel Park is a popular attraction as is Nintendo World New York. Walk on the wild side and get your fill for animal interaction at the Central Park Zoo, home of over 1,400 animals. If golf is your game, relax a while on the greens at one of the city’s 8 courses. Of course, everyone knows that the biggest thrill of living in one of the apartments in New York, New York is experiencing the night life. The National Comedy Theatre offers hilarious entertainment that is guaranteed to be clean, so you can take a guest or a minor with no worry of offending anyone. There are several Jazz bars for the music lover including Swing 46, Dizzy’s Club Coca Cola, and Birdland. And one would be remiss not to mention the King Cole Bar where the Bloody Mary was born. All of this is just a small sampling of what awaits you when you live in New York. Get with your rental real estate agent today to find the perfect New York apartment for you.

A Pink Palace on the West Village

When walking by 11th Street in the West Village, almost reaching to the Hudson river, you can only be amazed and curious as your eyes find a Pink Palace on top of an existing building with a large inscription saying: “Palazzo Chupi”. A few minutes later you find yourself on google trying to find out what is this Chupi all about.

Whatever it means, it’s the name of Julian Schnabel’s new hot-pink high-rise nearing completion at 360 W. 11th St. The Venetian retro-style residential building involved constructing an 11-story addition above an existing three-story former stable. A plain concrete slab that topped the old facade has been incorporated into the project and inscribed with “Palazzo Chupi” — “palazzo” meaning “palace” or “mansion” in Italian, and “chupi” meaning, well…it’s anyone’s guess. Full article at

The interesting thing about this palace is that its West Village apartments had been for sale.

1) The full-floor unit bought by Brady for $15.5 million in September 2007, making him the first Palazzo Chupi buyer. He’s still holding onto it.
2) The full-floor unit bought for $12 million by Schnabel’s buddy Richard Gere, though he never moved in. Gere tried flipping it for $18 million, but he ended up unloading it for $11 million to an unknown buyer late last year.
3) We’d always operated under the assumption that #3 is Schnabel’s place, but the $12 million duplex is listed as #3.
4) Apparently Schnabel’s duplex, though we think he may have given over an entire floor to his swingin’ son Vito.
5) The triplex penthouse on floors 10-12 mercifully purchased by Brady last year for $10.5 million. Renovations now underway.

 It appears the last lingering unsold West Village apartment in the 12-story, five-unit building—the nearly 4,000-square-foot duplex on the eighth and ninth floors (above) that also once sported a $32 million price tag—sold for $12 million in December.
Read full article at:

Lara Group Free nights in New York

 Lara Group is giving away 2 nights in Manhattan for FREE. Absolutely for FREE!

Where?      At our furnished studios located on the Upper West Side.

How many people?     2 people maximum

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What is the Catch?

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Tips to enjoy your New York sublet search

Whether you’re new to NYC or if you are relocating to a different neighborhood, it takes a great deal of time and effort to find an apartment that matches with you and your own style. New York sublet apartments are extremely hard to find so you have to keep some things in mind before hand.  Here you have some non conventional tips that can help you to cope with the NY sublet search.

  1. Take a deep breath and be patient. I have several friends that get really anxious about having the right place within a day. Consequently, they only add problems to the essential problem of finding a place to live. If you have realistic expectations and a positive mind, then the process is going to be easier and most enjoyable. Despite the fact that  moving is  a stressful life event, it could also be really adorable if you want it. 
  2. Be organized. Make a clear list of your housing needs and preferences and check those items every time you go to see an apartment. After seeing a few apartments all the information could be confusing. Having small notes about details, pros and cons of each NY sublets you see could be a solution for this. 
  3. Don´t be afraid of asking. Don´t  be shy. Ask to the Real Estate Company agent all the details and questions that appear in your mind. Later could be too late. Prevent future problems by having clear information. 
  4. Control your impulsiveness. Visit the apartment during daylight and also during later hours or during a grey day . Check your “housing needs list” and see if most of them are fulfilled. You don´t need to take a long time to decide, but you have to make sure that you could feel comfortable and at home even if we are talking about a short term rent
  5. Enjoy the process. Definitely, when your energy is positive and focus on  your wishes, then you are more likely to attract the most convenient New York sublet for you.

 Good luck!

New York Sublets

What is a Sublet?

In real estate law, sublease (or, less formally, sublet) is the name given to an arrangement in which the lessee in a lease assigns the lease to a third party, thereby making the old lessee the sublessor, and the new lessee the sublessee, or subtenant. This means you are renting and renting out the same property at the same time. For example, the owner of an office building may lease the whole building to a management company. This company may then sublease parts of the building to other people. The management company is said to sublet the property to the individual tenants by means of a sublease. In this event, the management company (which was previously the lessee under the original lease) becomes the sublessor, and the individual tenants are subtenants or sublessees.Sublessor remains liable to the original lessor for any damage to the property and for payment of rent. Often the original lessee requires a lower rent payment from the sublessee than what he or she may have originally paid, leaving a partial amount of the rent left up to the original lessee.

Subletting and assignment of Leases.

Subletting and assignment are methods of transferring the tenant’s legal interest in an apartment to another person. A sublet transfers less than the tenant’s entire interest while an assignment transfers the entire interest. A tenant’s right to assign the lease is much more restricted than the right to sublet.
A tenant may not assign the lease without the landlord’s written consent. The landlord may withhold consent without cause. If the landlord reasonably refuses consent, the tenant cannot assign and is not entitled to be released from the lease. If the landlord unreasonably refuses consent, the tenant is entitled to be released from the lease after 30 days notice.

New York Sublet

People looking for a short term apartments in New York, often refer to these apartments as “sublets”, which implies that a tenant that has a long term lease in an apartment subleases their apartment for a short period of time. This is very common in Manhattan since hotels are expensive for visitors coming to Newnew york sublet York and long term rents in the City are pricey, compared to other States, for people that live in the city and need to travel often. Then a sublet in New York is the best option for both parties. The tenant living in New York can sublet his/her apartment for the time he/she will be away and be able to cover the rent expense in the meantime. The person coming to temporarily to New York City then will sublet that apartment at a much lower price than a hotel and will enjoy having the comfort of being in an apartment.
Unfortunately, there are some problems that may arise from subletting an apartment from an individual. One of the problems is that many tenants sublet their apartments without the owner’s consent. Another problem is that you are in someone else’s apartment and you may have to deal with less closet space, a lot of their personal things in the apartment and missing furniture and electronics that you would normally have in your house. Something else to consider is the fact that something may go wrong in the apartment and you may not have who to contact to take care of the problem while the tenant is away.

To prevent all these problems, Lara Group only offers New York sublets from landlords and management companies that not only have the authorization of the owner to sublet their apartments, but also that are subleased for the only purpose of renting them as furnished apartments.